Ricomporre il paesaggio / open call (ENG)


Taking inspiration from some of the topics that were proposed during the annual FKL meeting (Catania, May 2016), aiming to investigate the concept of “beyond” referred to soundscape composition and field recordings, mimema launches an open call addressed to composers, as well as to conscious listeners, in order to examine whether or not should we consider a strict distinction between artistic composition and field recordings.

Although the use of recorder allows us to be able to separate the sounds from the context they belong to, from their temporal and spatial dimensions, contributing to create phenomenons such as schizophonia or acousmatic music, only rarely we detach from the aristotelic principle of unity (action, time and space) in practical terms.

The call, during this first phase of collecting unpublished materials, will select:

  • scores, both in the form of music notation or literal score;
  • audio files, sound compositions, recordings.

The contributions will pertain to compositive and performative musical-artistic activities which are able to go beyond the traditional distinction between “soundscape composition” (compositive technique aiming to recreate the soundscape after a certain order chosen by the composer), and “field recording” (phonography of existing sounds realized through various recording techniques).

The materials that will be selected are those in which the attention to a conscious and creative listening to investigate the perception and the individual and/or collective relation with the sounds sorrounding us stands out.

Therefore we invite the participants to reflect on the following questions:

  • Is a clear distinction between the producer and the listener of a sound really existing?
  • In which way the contemporary composer relates himself with the environment and codifies this relation in his musical work?
  • Is the concert hall making the listening musical?
  • A soundscape composition can be understood as ethnography?
  • More in general, can we consider the Cosmos as a big musical composition and the Earth as a musical container in which each of us is listener, performer and composer at the same time?
  • If the composer is intentionally producing music with artistic purposes (expression of cultural belongings, experiences, taste, choices and sensitivity), is nonetheless the listener able to take an active position deciding what to listen to, choosing one or more modality of listening and creating senses from the listened sounds?


The purpose is to create a platform to make the selected audio files, the scores and the compositional projects available for all to download, use for further manipulations and for public performances, without copyright.

The selected material will be published in a dedicated area of mimema internet site (or a dedicated site) and the adequated publicity will be provided.

Public listenings of the selected works will be realized with the eventual invitation to the authors.

Lastly, a limited edition of 30 copies on physical support with handmade packaging will be realized.



  • Use Wetransfer or Dropbox to upload your zipped file. It must contain the track and a PDF file.
  • Once you get the link, send it to this address: info@mimema.it
  • The audio file must be in WAV or AIFF format (44.1 kHz, 16 bit).
  • For the scores, if possible, beside sending the text and its detailed description, attach an audio file.
  • Inside the zipped file, insert the PDF with name and surname, link to website, soundcloud, etc. and name of the piece (following this scheme: name artist – name piece – duration and localization of recordings).
  • In the PDF, indicate the equipment and/or instruments used to play/record, notes and/or comments to the piece.
  • Specify which kind of composition is the piece, if field recording, soundscape or both.
  • Maximum duration is 8 minutes.
  • Is possible to apply with only ONE piece/composition.
  • The material must be previously unpublished.
  • In case of failure to comply with the guidelines, or wrong or missed compilation of one of the points, will result in an exclusion from the call.
  • The deadline is monday 11th July 2016, 12:00 AM.


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by Forum Klanglandschaft